Embalming Process Presently

Pre embalming

Pre embalming involves the use of a strong disinfectant spray to clean the skin, eyes, mouth, and other orifices. Sometimes muscles stiffen after death, massaging the body can relieve that and make it possible for the body to be positioned the way the family wants.

1.  Embalming and Anatomical Dissection

The first step of the process is to stop the decay and in order to do that formalin is pumped into the body through the arteries. The purpose of Formalin is to kill bacteria in the body and to chemically stop the decay of tissue. The skin, fatty and connective tissue are removed with dissection tools.

2. Removal of Body Fat and Water

Then the body water and soluble fats are dissolved from the body by placing it into a solvent bath (e.g., an acetone bath).

The closing of the eyes is an important step and it is usually done by placing cotton in between the eyes and the lids. Since the eyes sink into the eye sockets after death, eye caps are sometimes used under the eye. An eye cap is shaped like a large contact lens and has a textured surface that grips and holds the eyelid in place. A small amount of stay creme is placed on the eye cap to avoid dehydration of the eyelids. Contrary to popular myth, the eyelids are never sewn shut, but in some cases that may be glued together to prevent separation.

The mouth is closed either by tying the jaw together with a piece of suture string or by a special injector gun. With the suture method, a curved needle with a piece of suture string is threaded through the jaw below the gums, stuck through upper jaw into to the right nostril, threaded through the septum of the nose into the left nostril, and then passed back down into the mouth. The two ends of suture are tied, making sure not too tightly, so that a natural appearance of the mouth is created. Some embalmers prefer to close the mouth using the needle injector gun. The gun drives a needle with a piece of wire attached into the jaw. Needles are driven into both the lower and upper jaw and then twisted together.

These are the chemicals injected into the abdominal and thoracic cavities. About two bottles of fluid are used per body. The chemical on the left has an index of 5 (5% formaldehyde) and the chemical on the right has an index of 22 (22% formaldehyde).

This is a  tool used in the preperation of a body that has been autopsied. The left side is connected with rubber tubing to either an electric or water powered aspirator. The flat right side is brushed across the insides of the body cavity suctioning off any fluids present.

This is the embalming machine.

This spray is used to clean the skin and orifices of the body prior to or after embalming. It is a highly effective disinfectant and is sometimes added to the arterial fluid to kill the microbes that cause tissue gas.



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