The ancient Egyptians thought death in this world was the start of life in another world, but to enjoy the next life, they believed that their bodies had to be preserved. They also believed even though their soul left their body, it would return to its original body throughout eternity. Every Egyptian who could afford it was embalmed, a pharaoh would be treated differently though.

Mummification Steps

Step one: Remove the internal organs (except the heart) and fill the body with sweet smelling spices. Step two: Cover the body with a white powder called ‘natron,’ bags of which were also wrapped around the head. (Natron was a drying agent, rather like salt, and the body was left in it for several days, until all the moisture had been removed.) Step three: Wash the embalmed and dried body — now called a ‘mummy’, treat it with perfumed oils, and wrap it in linen bandages. Place a mask over the face of the mummy and wrap it once more. Step four: Bury it!

Rituals After Mummification

Before putting the body in a coffin, the last rites were performed. This was a ritual in which a priest who wore the mask of a jackal-headed god, Anubis, and touched the lips of the mummy with tool that opened the mouth. This was a symbolic gesture to grant the dead person the power to eat and speak in the next life. The mummy was then put into a series of coffins, one inside the next. In the case of a pharaoh the coffin was placed inside of a tomb filled with food, clothes, furniture, cosmetics and everything the pharaoh could need to enjoy their next life. The tomb also sometimes contained statues and paintings of servants, they were believed to come to life when certain prayers were recited, extending their service to the pharaoh in the next world.

Be involved in the process of mummification yourself!! mummy game


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